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YIT  KAMPAK , originally a Czech artist, first embarked upon her venture to Indonesia while still studying at the Fine Arts Academy in Prague. She was immediately charmed by the country. Inspired by her overwhelming experience, she decided to relocate there upon a completion of her studies. 

Her work has always been very autobiographical, reflecting on different stages of a given situation.

She continued working with paint and managed to document her transformation of a woman from a small Central European town to a woman who managed to embrace and love strikingly different asian culture. 

As an artist, she recorded her personal discovery of different layers of Indonesian culture.

She managed to comment on her evolving position in a society that 

she was very eager to unearth and the obstacles that she encountered as a white woman equipped with a desire to stay and become a part of such a foreign place. 

At the beginning of her life in Indonesia her paintings were full of first impressions. Vivid, colours, large brushstrokes and shapes, exotic plants, floral details, all very palpable, full of heightened emotions. She then moved slowly to work with figures, still displaying a lot of emotion, this time however, tension was very present too. She painted her attempts to find her place through relationships that had been troublesome. They involved two opposing world views - European and Asian. All the heartache became a motivation and an engine in capturing figures in motion or tangled positions, once again struggling to find their ground.

Recently, her work took on a calmer tone - her figures turned yet again into organic forms - roots, lianas and thorns. These symbols placed into night scenes, illuminated by neon lights have become mere abstract shapes twisted and in search of a place to rest. 

Still full of omnipresent emotion, however, this time round, they seem to surrender to the laws of nature, laws of gravity, still full of zeal but aware of their limitations. 

Poem of Metamorphosis …

text wrtite by  Petra Hudcova  

email : kampakyit@gmail.com 




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