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Artist statement “Penetrating through the layers of personality and looking at internal abstract landscapes, she explores her identity as an artist in connection of the thinking of Asia and Europe, the past and the present.” YIT KAMPAK, originally a Czech artist, fi rst embarked upon her venture to Indonesia while still studying at the Fine Arts Academy in Prague. She was immediately charmed by the country. Passion, authenticity, which speaks to the soul of the artist directly, without inhibitions and obstacles, the experience she got in Indonesia and a new family of friends - all this infl uences the life and work of the artist forever. She stays for 12 years, studies Indonesian culture and languages, and creates a collection inspired by the Indonesian jungle and life in the indigenous community. Her paintings during this period express the search for identity and a place to rest peacefully through the symbolic language of roots, wild plants, lianas and thorns. Aft er returning to her homeland, in memories of the paradisiacal natural scenery of Indonesia, Yit Kampak creates a series of interior landscapes. Abstract works appeal to the viewer with their wild colors, spontaneous emotions rushing through the landscape like a storm, volcanic eruptions and calming lakes rediscovering human closeness and relationships. It is not possible to draw a thick line behind the past, and it is not even necessary. Over fragments of the past, a layer of present experience stratifi es, European painting techniques blend with Asian calligraphy, and everything ends in a breathtaking dance of shapes and colors that speaks directly - to the heart. Her work is always been very autobiographical, refl ecting on diff erent stages of a given situation. Studies Academy of Fine Arts, Prague; School of the Arts, Utrecht (internship); Universitas Negri, Yogyakarta; Unismuh, Makassar; Universitas Negeri Makassar, Indonesia

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